Academic programs at EMU Lancaster:

Graduate Teacher Education


Pastoral Studies

  • Gateway Courses
    Are a series of four courses designed especially for pastors called to Mennonite congregations who do not have Anabaptist background and training.
  • Graduate Level Seminary Courses
    Are offered each semester. These courses are part of the new fully-accredited master of divinity program at EMS in Pennsylvania.
  • Study and Training for Effective Pastoral Ministries
    Is a part-time, three-year training course of study designed for pastoral leaders – or those exploring a call – who don’t have college or Bible school training.
  • Preaching Institute
    Is an innovative in-service training program for men and women who want to improve their preaching. It is a preaching course that travels and has been offered in Florida, Kansas, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia and Ohio.
  • Clinical Pastoral Education
    Clinical Pastoral Education is an unique opportunity for theological students, clergy and laypersons to develop their ministry skills and leadership capacity. Students enrolled in CPE gain ministry experience through supervised ministry as a chaplain in a local hospital, or retirement community, or in a ministry role in a congregation
  • Institute for Missional Questions
    This summer we invite you to converse with other students, practitioners, and thinkers around key issues and real possibilities for God’s mission.

General Education Courses

Check out our accredited general education courses

Paying for an EMU Education

An EMU education remains an excellent value in the higher education marketplace. If loan funds are needed to assist in financing your graduate degree or certificate of study, federal student loans may be available. Feel free to contact our office at 717-397-5190 for more information.

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