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EMU MA in Counseling graduates
Counseling graduates gather on the prayer labyrinth on the hill above the classrooms.

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I knew going to EMU meant extra time and commitment, and that seemed daunting, but it became an experience I would never trade. It gave me the opportunity to stay on campus and form bonds with classmates, making friends for life. My family grew in ways that would have been impossible for us had it not been for my commuting. My husband took over household/childcare duties and his relationship with our children deepened. Commuting also gave me time to decompress and switch gears from student to mom. And the faculty was very supportive. They were willing to work around my schedule and meet my needs.

Tammy Carr, 2010 MA in Counseling graduate


Please submit applications for fall 2015 admission by May 31

The admissions selection process is designed to identify students who have potential for completing the counseling program. Students are admitted on the basis of many different expressions of their qualities and abilities: scholastic achievement, work experience, and factors relating to character and personality.

Applicants must be a graduate of a regionally accredited college or university. Applicants are required to submit official transcripts of credit from all colleges and universities attended and three references, two of which must be academic. Potential candidates will be invited for an interview.

Frequently asked questions

Applicants often need additional information when considering whether or not to apply to our program. Download our FAQ (PDF) for the top questions prospective counselors ask.

Conditional admission

Conditional admission is granted to a limited number of students each fall semester who come just below the requirements for unconditional admission, but who otherwise demonstrate the ability and motivation to adequately perform graduate level work. At the end of the fall semester their admission status is reviewed by the faculty and a decision is made to either lift the conditional status or deny continuing enrollment.


Expectations include an undergraduate GPA of at least 3.00, references indicating clear support for graduate work, a clear and relevant essay, and the ability to present oneself clearly and effectively in the interview. Additional factors given consideration in the admission decision include undergraduate field of study, performance in previous graduate level study, related counseling work experience, and other evidence of success in academic and professional endeavors. The admissions committee may make exceptions to admission requirements in special cases.

Enrollment and class size

Program enrollment is limited to the equivalent of 15 full-time students per class. Part-time students are encouraged to apply. Part-time status is defined as taking less than nine semester hours in a semester.

New students are admitted for the fall semester. The application deadline is March 1. After this deadline, the admissions committee will continue to review applications if space remains available.


There are a number of scholarships in the community students can apply for. Several students from the MA in counseling program in the past have been awarded these scholarships.

Transfer credit

Transfer credits may be considered for inclusion in the program of study upon the approval of the director of the program. A grade of “B” or better must be earned in courses requested for transfer credit. Courses considered for transfer credit must be applicable toward a comparable degree at the institution offering the course. Application for consideration of transfer credit taken more than five years before the date at which the student is admitted must be accompanied by substantial documentation of prior work and evidence of continued and current competence. Transfer credit taken more than ten years before the date at which the student is admitted may not be used to satisfy degree requirements. No practicum or internship credits are eligible for transfer credit. Decisions with respect to number of transfer hours accepted will be handled by the Admissions Committee on a case-by-case basis, but normally a maximum of 12 hours of credit obtained from an accredited college or university may be applied to the degree.

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