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February 2015
2/26 Thursday
11:00amSeminary Chapel Gathering - "Take Our Moments and Our Days"@ Seminary, 215, Martin Chapel
2/27 Friday
5:30pmSeminary mid-semester recess begins@ Seminary
March 2015
3/9 Monday
8:00amSeminary classes resume@ Seminary
3/27 Friday
9:30amMACL Day@ Seminary
3/29 Sunday
10:00amMichael King preaching at New Holland Mennonite Church, New Holland, PA@ 18 Western Ave, New Holland, Pa.
April 2015
4/2 Thursday
5:05pmSeminary Easter recess begins@ Seminary
4/7 Tuesday
8:00amSeminary Easter recess concludes@ Seminary
4/20 Monday
8:00amSeminary last day of classes@ Seminary
4/21 Tuesday
8:00amSeminary final exams begin@ Seminary
4/24 Friday
12:40pmSeminary final exams end@ Seminary
7:30pmSeminary baccalaureate@ Seminary, Martin Chapel
4/25 Saturday
2:30pmSeminary 66th annual commencement@ Lehman Auditorium
May 2015
5/4 Monday
8:00amSeminary summer classes begin@ Seminary
June 2015
6/15 Monday
12:00pmSummer Institute for Spiritual Formation begins@ Seminary
6/26 Friday
1:00pmSummer Institute for Spiritual Formation concludes@ Seminary
5:00pmSeminary summer classes conclude@ Seminary
16 events, listing 1 through 16