CAC Small Concert Series: Port Harbour

Where University Commons, 177, Common Grounds

Duration 2 hours

Join Port Harbour in Common Grounds for a night of great music.


We are an independent, self produced band from Virginia. Our music comes out in a style that is a combination of the six of us put together, and we call it lyrical rock, or melodic indie rock.

We believe that good music moves people, so with everything we create, we create with the purpose to inspire and enliven everyone that comes in contact with Port Harbour.

We are hoping to build a community and a reputation for loving community. We are not as interested in promoting our success as a band as we are reaching as many people as we can with good music, an engaging and inspiring live show, and substantive conversation. We believe that is worth our time, our effort, and our resources because we believe that there is the potential in all those things to change lives for the better.

Our debut EP, Dawn, is out now! You can download it for free at

Intended Audience General Public


Contact Information

Name Student Life

Phone # 540.432.4135