CJP Capstone Presentation: Yaprai Satutum

Where Library, 121, JAMAR

Duration 1 hour

Capstone Presentation by Yaprai Satutum

What if folktales are not just fun stories and storytelling is not just an entertaining activity but instead a collection of peace wisdom and an effective process for peacebuilding? In what ways do folktales make a positive impact on individuals’ thoughts and behaviors and lead to more peaceful communities in the long term? What are possible ways to use folktales as peacebuilding tools for Thai society? Yaprai delved into these questions by conducting a research project on the topic of ‘Thai Folktales as a tool for peacebuilding in Thailand.’ In her research-based practicum, she had the opportunity to interview Thai storytellers, folktale experts, parents and teachers, as well as participate in some cultural and ethnic group’s activities during her stay in Thailand. Come here more about her research!

Intended Audience General Public

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