Capstone: "Restorative Justice and its Discontents"

Where Dining Hall, West dining room

Duration 1 hour

CJP student Elmer Malibiran, of the Philippines, will speak on “Restorative Justice and Its Discontents: From Practice to Policy and Back Again.”

Drawing from his research-based practicum on juvenile justice policies in the Philippines, Elmer will share the different and oftentimes difficult shades of restorative justice in the field of child protection. Using the keywords discontent, indigenous, North Atlantic, transnational, pluralism and systems, he will navigate the different conceptual and practical restorative justice issues vis-à-vis child protection and their implications to justice policy and practice. He will then reflect on these keywords and will offer concluding questions in helping to push forward the frontiers of restorative justice practice and thought.

Hot drinks and goodies from A Bowl of Good will be served.

Intended Audience General Public

Tags CJP