Rumi; The man, his faith, and some poetry

Where Library, 121 , JAMAR, bottom floor

Duration 1 hour 30 minutes

Rumi; The man, his faith, and some poetry – ROOM AND TIME CHANGE

Do you love to read Rumi? Do you know anything about the man behind the poetry? For hundreds of years Rumi has been one of the greatest poets of the Persian world and one of the most popular poets in the world. In recent years books on his thought have become bestsellers in the U.S. With these Rumi-centered evenings, we will explore the man and his inspiring spiritual heritage by concentrating on his own words from his major works of poetry.
Our journey with Rumi’s art will take us through the beautiful images and stories he employs to convey his mystical experiences and ideas.
Our visiting scholar from Iran, Dr. Amir Akrami, is an expert on Rumi and Islamic mysticism. He will be leading bi-weekly readings and discussions on Rumi and his work.
Our next session is this Wednesday, October 23rd, at 7:30pm in the JAMAR room in the Sadie Hartzler Library, (room 121.) The entrance to Library 121 is outside, adjacent to Park Rd.
Please note the date and time change for this event.

Intended Audience General Public

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