Suter Seminar: Medications and the Aging Brain

Where Science Center, 104

Duration 1 hour

Medications and the Aging Brain

Patricia Slattum, PharmD, PhD
Director, Geriatric Pharmacotherapy Program
Professor of Pharmacotherapy and Outcomes Science
Virginia Commonwealth University
Richmond, Va

Older adults frequently demonstrate an exaggerated response to medications that act on the brain. This is in part due to an underlying age-related decline in central nervous system function and in part due to age-related changes in how the body metabolizes, eliminates and responds to medications. This presentation will review research findings from our group aimed at understanding the intersection between aging and drug response in the brain and the clinical implications for patients. Pathways leading to careers in clinical and translational research in the pharmaceutical sciences will be discussed.

Dr. Slattum is Professor and Director of the Geriatric Pharmacotherapy Program at Virginia Commonwealth University. Her teaching, research and practice interests are improving pharmacotherapy for older adults, the effects of medications on cognition, and medication management in Alzheimer’s disease. She received her BS in Pharmacy, Certificate in Aging Studies, PharmD. and PhD. from VCU. She completed an NIH postdoctoral traineeship at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Dr. Slattum lives in Charles City county along the beautiful Chickahominy River with her husband Kevin, two children Will and Ginna, their cat Callie, their dog Bachi and their horse Tess.

Intended Audience General Public

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