Sr Art Show Openings - Rebekah Graham and Chelsie Gordon

Where University Commons, 179, Margaret Martin Gehman Gallery

Duration 2 hours

Senior Photography Major Rebekah Graham will show Hair – A collection of forty studio portraits focusing on the diversity of hair. “It can be short, long, curly, choppy, smooth, or colorful. It can be crazy or beautiful, and it can even be… well, gone! With such limitless possibilities at our fingertips, what makes us choose to have our hair the way we do?”

Senior Photography Major Chelsie Gordon will show Unveiled – Women photographed in natural light, their faces bare, their souls unveiled. “Have you ever wondered why women feel the need to get dressed up or put make-up on before having their photo taken? Unveiled is a collection of naturally-lit portraits of women who are not wearing makeup. My goal for you in experiencing these images is not to notice the woman’s pores or her uneven, blemished skin, but instead to focus on her eyes, her natural beauty, and her confidence. In doing so, I hope you will see these women as I had the pleasure to: beautiful just as they are.”

The show will continue through April 4.

Intended Audience General Public

Tags ARTSHOW, Arts

Contact Information

Name Art Dept

Phone # 540.432.4360