Departmental Chapels (various locations)

Where various locations (see list)

Duration 30 minutes

How does faith inform your area of study (major/minor) or chosen profession? Students are encouraged to gather during the chapel time for focused conversations/interactions with faculty members of their major/minor. Staff members are encouraged to join one of the OPEN TO ALL sessions or take a break together for self-guided conversations on how faith informs your work, vocation or avocation.

Select one of these gatherings:

Math Sciences, Psychology, Biology & Chemistry – meet in the psychology lounge (Science Center basement). The theme is Practicing Thanksgiving. – OPEN TO ALL

History – gather in Science Center 11 for Voting Your Faith? – an interactive discussion on what guides your voting behavior. Come to find out why it is in a computer lab! – OPEN TO ALL (with limited space)

Language & Literature – gather in the Language & Literature suite (Campus Center 3rd floor)to hear Willi Hugo Perez, rector of SEMILLA seminary, present Danger: Christian at Work. – OPEN TO ALL

Bible and Religion – meet in the President’s Room in University Commons (upper floor) for Reflections on Jesus the Lamb. – OPEN TO ALL

Business – meet in Campus Center 203 to explore the question Does John 15 say anything about the conduct of business?OPEN TO ALL

Nursing – meet in Campus Center 105 to explore Reflecting the Presence of God with and through Nurses. – OPEN TO ALL

Applied Social Sciences – gather in Common Grounds Coffeehouse for stories of faith from the field. – OPEN TO ALL

Intended Audience General Public


Contact Information

Name Campus Ministries

Phone # 540.432.4196