Engineering at EMU

As an engineering student at EMU, you will flourish in small classes where professors mentor you 1:1.

In addition to the expected academic rigor, you will learn critical thinking skills and prepare to be part of an inter-connected world through cross-cultural study, an emphasis on sustainability, and acquisition of skills to serve the common good.

Two Concentrations:

Mechanical Computer

All engineering majors enroll in a robust core of challenging math and science courses, including an engineering core of 30 credits, a math/science core of 33 credits, and also a concentration of 18 upper-level credits in either mechanical engineering or computer engineering. The flowchart for engineering courses will help you map out your college path.


What You Need To Know

Anticipated Renovation

An anticipated $4 million renovation to the west side of Suter Science Center will soon give engineering students access to state-of-the-art facilities.

Completed Facilities

A $7 million renovation to the east side of the Suter Science Center was completed in 2015; engineering students benefit from the classrooms, labs and common areas already completed.

Faculty Mentoring

Engineering majors take courses with professors from the Department of Mathematical Sciences, general university core curriculum and work closely with engineering professors Esther Tian and Daniel King. Both are specialists with PhDs in mechanical engineering. Learn more...

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Some Engineering Facts


Money Raised for
New Renovation


Student/Faculty Ratio


Mechanical Engineer's
Median Salary

Our Engineering Faculty

Esther Tian

Esther Tian, PhD

Assistant Professor

Esther Tian holds all three of her degrees, including a doctorate from University of Virginia, in mechanical engineering. Esther joined the Eastern Mennonite University in the fall of 2013 as an assistant professor of engineering, where she teaches engineering and mathematical courses. Her research interests include neuronal control mechanism of animal locomotion and robotics, as well as engineering design education.

Daniel King

Daniel King, PhD

Assistant Professor

Daniel King graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Goshen College, where he majored in physics and music. He received his MS and PhD degrees in theoretical and applied mechanics from the University of Illinois, where his research focused on the dynamic interactions between ultrasound and contrast agent microbubbles.

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