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Note: We recommend that both buyers and sellers exercise appropriate caution and avoid suspicious buy or sell offers when using this system. EMU is not responsible for fraudulent behavior undertaken by users of the eClassified system.

Use a valid EMU email addresses and you will receive an email with directions for confirming (or closing) the ad. Some email accounts have more that one alias; please use the exact email address found in the EMU directory for best results. Non EMU-users must wait for the ad to be approved be EMU staff.

Help wanted ads require EMU approval and will not get an email confirmation.

The special notice category is primarily for administrators, staff and faculty use. EMU reserves the right to "reclassify" anything posted in Special Notices that has, in its judgment, an appropriate classification elsewhere. Please use existing categories whenever possible.

General information: Once approved, persons will contact you using the email address or phone number you have supplied. The newest ads will be promoted in the Monday and Thursday broadcast email to the EMU community.

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