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feature story

Quality with Soul

Quality with Soul

Two authors and two books became household words at Eastern Mennonite University this year. One book was called Quality With Soul and was written by Robert Benne, professor of religion and director of The Center of Religion and Society at Roanoke College in Salem, Va. The other book was Prioritizing Academic Programs and Services: Reallocating Resource to Achieve Strategic Balance by Robert Dickeson.more >>

other features

Maasai Females Gain a Role Model

Maasai Females Gain a Role Model

In the rural township of Kimuka, Kenya, there have been many girls who have finished high school. There have been a handful who have gone to college. more >>

Vocation in Southern Literature

Vocation in Southern Literature: a work of love

What does work have to do with love? Quite a bit, according to students in Marti Eads' spring literature course. more >>

Students Gain Understanding on Fiji and New Zealand Cross-cultural

Students Gain Understanding on Fiji and New Zealand Cross-cultural

Bare-footed, we stopped to enter the thatch-roofed bure and sat cross-legged in a semicircle on the woven mat floor. more >>

Ervin Stutzman

Stutzman: understanding the call

Dr. Ervin Stutzman (S 99) draws two circles on a page. They overlap, but not by a lot. "The church and the academy generally spin in two different orbits. more >>

Kirk Shisler

A Healing Imprint

Just three days before my job interview at EMU, I was in California engaged in a conversation with author Phyllis Davies about her world travels. more >>

Dr. Joseph Gascho

An Intimate Portrait of a Heart Doctor

Dr. Joseph Gascho (C 68), a heart specialist, refuses to view himself as superior to any patient. That doesn't stop some patients from viewing him that way. more >>

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