Eastern Mennonite University

Spring 2007

Dear Prospective Students: Able to Go Anywhere?

You Should Still Choose EMU

Provost Beryl Brubaker and president Loren SwartzendruberProvost Beryl Brubaker and President Loren Swartzendruber

Like most colleges, EMU can point proudly to its successes: the world-renowned father of the restorative justice movement, the dean of Harvard Medical School, the editor of hymnals used by tens of thousands, the author of a New York Times bestseller, the founder of one of the fastest-growing businesses in the United States, the writer of Ethiopia’s constitution.

But almost every university can and does point to similarly accomplished faculty members and alumni.

With few exceptions, every university will prepare you in your chosen profession and liberate your mind so that you can be a good citizen.

You can be a successful doctor, teacher, artist, musician, and so forth after attending almost any accredited institution of higher learning. EMU does more than this.

A Note from Loren

My work requires me to be off campus frequently, meeting with other college leaders on policy matters, offering messages from the pulpit in churches, and staying connected with EMU’s nationwide network of supporters.

This is only possible because I am backed by a trusted team on campus, led by provost Dr. Beryl Brubaker.

In these remarks to EMU’s prospective honors students, Beryl captures well “EMU’s difference” and why we should all care about that difference.

You may be expecting me to say that as a small, caring university, we go the extra mile. Yes, we offer a nurturing environment, treat students holistically and care about students’ personal lives.

But this still does not capture the “EMU difference.” It does not explain why students who could go anywhere for their undergraduate studies should still choose EMU.

First, let me assure you: graduates of EMU have no trouble getting into well-known graduate schools and being successful there.

We do prepare our students well. Moreover, like many small faith-based colleges, we enable our students to deepen values and relationships in a way that simply is not possible at a large state university.

But EMU does more than prepare students academically and give them life-long friendships. EMU challenges you to extend yourself to the wider world as Jesus did.

Today’s world is facing major threats. Religious conflict. Crushing poverty for millions. Global warming. Biotechnology advances that may change who we are and what we eat, for better or for worse.

Addressing these threats will require our best minds: people who have emotional as well as intellectual intelligence; persons whose goals are to serve the world rather than primarily themselves; people who exemplify the vision, mission and shared values that are printed inside the cover of each Crossroads.

God has given you wonderful gifts. I believe each of you wants to discover that deep calling inside of you and to use your gifts to address the world’s hurts.

EMU will help you to do this in a way that few other universities will. Because that is our mission.

– Beryl Brubaker ’64

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