Health & Immunization Information

Information on immunizations for upcoming cross-cultural programs is posted on each program description. Cross-cultural participants should be aware that some immunizations cannot be given together and may require four weeks to 6 months between injections, so the process should begin with sufficient time. Students and leader(s) may arrange for immunizations through EMU Health Services or the local health department travel immunization clinic.

Each student must complete the Health History & Emergency Information form. The form includes emergency contacts, health insurance verification & policy number, letter or documentation from insurance provider indicating coverage overseas, family doctor, health history including mental health, and a medical permission statement. Students will receive a form with immunization requirements for their specific program destinations. A copy of these forms will accompany the cross-cultural leaders and the originals will be filed at EMU.

All students participating in a cross-cultural seminar must be covered by an insurance policy during the seminar. Note that the ‘Health History & Emergency Information’ form requires a letter from the student’s insurance company or policy statement confirming international coverage. The EMU Student Health Plan or ISIC is recommended if the student is not covered by another policy. More information on student insurance is available from the Business Office. Students with the ISIC have health insurance coverage as well as travel insurance. ISIC applications are processed on campus through Cross-Cultural Programs.

EMU is insured by Europ Assistance which operates a twenty-four hour, seven days a week, toll-free emergency assistance service. Europ Assistance provides help in locating the nearest, most appropriate medical care, in making emergency contacts, stolen documents, emergency transfer of funds and many other services in the event of serious travel difficulties. EMU cross-cultural leaders have access to a list of services and contact phone numbers through the Cross-Cultural Programs Office. This coverage is not a substitute for an individual health plan.

How can I verify international health insurance coverage?

Prior to departure on cross-cultural, students need to verify health insurance coverage that extends to services provided outside the U.S. You may start by asking your insurance company for a statement of international coverage, or find the page in the policy book that explains international coverage and claims. Some policies include a travel program, which may appear right on your insurance card. In that case all that is required is a photocopy of the current card. We want students and families to verify with the insurance company, so you are clear what your coverage includes. This way, there are no surprises if there is a need to process a claim, and so you can obtain coverage if the current policy does not include services outside the U.S. If you have a current health insurance policy, please submit a copy of your insurance card (front and back) along with your other documents. For some locations, it is recommended that students obtain the International Student ID Card, which includes basic health and travel insurance coverage for students studying abroad, as well as access to some discounts.