South Africa – Fall 2007

From leaders Harlan and Audra

These are learning "nuggets" that Audra and I have compiled on our journey. Once again we affirm EMU's cross-cultural programs as life changing for all, students AND leaders. We hope this may in some small way enhance CC programs.

Humble me, Lord
I am far away from home. Humble me.
As I rest in pure silence, safe and surrounded by the beauty of your creation. Humble me, Lord.
As I close my eyes and remember, faces and places not far from here. How easily I can forget. Humble me, Lord.
Teach me how to understand. To grieve, to mourn, to help, to listen, to love Lord. Humble me, and teach me how to love like you do.

Who am I and where is my stability.
I found it in a fragile smile.
In a new found friendship.
in a welcomed hug.
In a shared prayer.
In a God who cares and accepts me as I am.
In being a blessing to others and losing myself.
All these help me find, who I am and where I belong.
Right relationships with God and others.

Warm breath embraces my face, as I sit in the shadows.
My chest vibrates from a chorus of village voices, echoing through my body. Where am I? Who am I?
Why and I experiencing this circle of laughter, sharing and friendship. I am with you, my tribe.
In Malealea.
Sharing a fleeting moment of life full of joy and peace.

Right relationships with God and others
All help me find who I am and where I belong.

It's different. It's loud. It's quiet. It's dark. It's bright.
It makes no sense. It makes all sense.
It's so far. It's so close.
But each person and experience, brings harmony and truth as I find the BEST in each each person and experience.

Right relationships with God and others
Help me find who I am and where I belong.

Sometimes were so busy making sure everyone else is doing well, we forget to allow ourselves to process our own experiences. Harlan and I walk into a grocery store and I am overwhelmed again. Choices and variety. Sliced, chopped,grated, minced, dry, flavored, plain, big, small...Unbelievable.
Who wouldn't want all this? How easily we revert back into what we know.
Why am I eating like this when those little girls we saw not long ago, down in a canyon. Those little girls, barefoot and climbing mountains for scraps of firewood and cutting weeds for "vegetables." HE feeds the birds, clothes the flowers of the fields, will he not feeds these children?
Jesus, will you not feed these children? Can I help feed these children?