South Africa – Fall 2007

Journal 2

Well, I guess I don't even need to say that this experience, just a week in, is nothing like any of us expected. That is probably how most cross-culturals go.

It's been pretty awesome here though; our families are friendly and our group is fantastic. All of our ideas of what Soweto would be like has been shattered first off. This is a community like no other I've ever lived in. The people are extremely sharing, even the guys our age. Take my host brother and his friends for example. Someone's always bringing over a glass 2 liter of Coke which they pass around until it's gone. If those were my friends back home we'd definitely get some glasses. That might be ridiculous here. The other night we had some skopo; or lamb's head. I figured it would be a dinner item but it certainly wasn't. These guys paid 15 rand, just over 2 dollars, for half a head. We took it to one of the houses where the boys ripped it up and passed it out. It was a snack!

I also find that we see an odd disparity just within our host community-- some houses have indoor plumbing, bath tubs, two floors and their own bedrooms while others of us have outdoor toilets, a spigot, and nothing but a basin to wash in. I'm able to take a hot bath everyday if I want while Mike hasn't bathed yet. Nevertheless, this has been a great time so far. It is trying, but how else does one grow? There's a lot more to be learned here, a so keep us in your prayers. Make sure to ask for stories when we get back.