Spain & Morocco: Fall 2010

This cross-cultural program explores the areas of Spain and Morocco that were once the heart of the Moorish empire, highlighting the shared history of the two regions and the blending of their peoples, art, and architechture.

The journey starts out in ‘Al-Andalus,’ where the Moors and Berbers from Morocco first set foot in Spain, built a sophisticated Moslem kingdom, and remained until their eventual expulsion from Granada in 1492, giving Andalucia its richest and most lasting cultural heritage and distinctive traditions. We visit the spectacular Giralda (Sevilla), the Mezquita-Catedra (Cordoba), and the Alhambra (Granada).

We cross Gibraltar by ferry into Morocco at the port of Tangier , where the Berber forces gathered to conquer Spain in 711. We spend a week in Ceuta , a Spanish enclave on Northern African soil, seeking to understand the plight of immigrants who travel in small precarious boats, risking their lives in search of the “European dream.”

We then follow follow Moorish immigrants expelled from Granada in 1492 into refuge in Chefchaouen in the Rif Mountains. We visit the Andalucian Quarter in Fez , the oldest of Morocco ’s imperial cities and Marrakech, founded by the Almoravids, the warrior monks whose empire stretched into Andalucia, hiring Andalusian craftsmen to build their palaces and mosques. We study Arabic and Islamic culture in Fez , enjoying home stays with Moroccan families.

Requirements: A keen sense of adventure as we explore an exotic land of fabled stories, and serious interest in an in-depth look into a unique civilization.


Estimated Cost: on campus tuition, room and board plus $2,000 travel fee (cost may be adjusted due to changes in currency exchange rates and air fares)
Semester Leader: Moira Rogers
Enrollment: 25 students
Course Credits: 15 semester hours

Course Descriptions

CCSSC 201 Cross-cultural Social Science 3SH
This course seeks to develop an appreciation of cultural, socio-economic, and religious differences and its various expressions and to explore Christian / Anabaptist perspectives of cross-cultural learning and their implications for peace building in the 21 st century.

CCCHS 303 Moorish-Spanish Interactions 3SH
This course explores the historic links between North Africa and Southern Spain, the history of Muslim presence in Spain, the Coexistence of Muslims, Jews and Christians in the Caliphate of Cordoba, and the current immigrant experience in contemporary Spain . We look at these interactions from Arab, Jewish and Christian perspectives.

CCREL 303 Anabaptist-Muslim Dialogue 3SH
This course explores the complexities of Anabaptist-Muslim encounters and seeks to engage the basic questions of the human situation and confront similarities and differences in Muslim and Christian responses. Readings include Anabaptists Meeting Muslims. A Calling for Presence in the Way of Christ.

CCLNG 110 Arabic Language 3SH
Students learn Modern Standard Arabic and explore the rich cultural traditions that shape Arab-Islamic life and culture in Morocco —Arabic, Berber, Jewish, and European, combining classroom sessions, field trips, excursion and performances. Our host institution is the Arabic Language Institute in Fez.

CCSPA X10 Spanish Language 3SH
Students will study Spanish language in a formal class setting and live with Spanish host families. The course includes visits to several key Andalusian sites and performances. Course level will be determined on the basis of a placement test.

Recommended Immunizations