Bolivia & The Galapagos Islands: Summer 2013

This program invites students to explore the rich and multifaceted cultures and landscapes of the Andean region of South America. Students will experience the diverse cultural and environmental beauty of this region, and learn about the complex social, economic, and environmental challenges that this region faces.

In addition to deepening our ability to understand other cultures, a major theme for this trip is to experience first-hand issues of social and environmental sustainability in a cross-cultural context. We will study the interdependence of human culture and ecosystems, both how regional ecosystems have shaped historical and contemporary societies, and likewise how societies are shaping regional ecosystems.

We will spend the first four weeks in Bolivia, a country notable for its rich culture rooted in a large indigenous population and its diversity of landscapes. We will be based in the Cochabamba, living with host families and taking Spanish language classes in the city center. Coursework will explore cultural and environmental issues by engaging local issues, and through longer field trips exploring issues such as deforestation and indigenous rights in the Amazonian lowlands, and ecotourism in the mountainous altiplano.

The last two weeks of this cross-cultural will be spent at a field station on the Galápagos Islands, an area of unique historical and environmental importance. This time will be focused on learning about environmental sustainability through service projects on a biological reserve, and in local communities.


Seminar Leaders Doug Graber Neufeld, Biology Department, and Cristina Graber Neufeld

Location Bolivia, and the Galápagos Islands

Approximate Dates May 4 – June 20, 2013

Estimated Cost $5,500

Course Titles
CCSSC 201 Cross-cultural Social Science 3 SH
CCENV 211 Environmental Sustainability and the Andean Region 3 SH


The following immunizations are recommended for travel to Bolivia and the Galápagos in the locations and times the EMU cross-cultural group will be in country.

  • RoutineMMR, DPT series with last booster within 10 years, IPV or OPV, Hep B
  • Hepatitis A
  • Hepatitis B
  • Typhoid – oral or injectable at least 3 weeks before travel
  • Yellow Fever – Recommended for all travelers ≥9 months of age traveling to the following areas <2,300 m in elevation and east of the Andes Mountains: the entire departments of Beni, Pando, Santa Cruz, and designated areas of Chuquisaca, Cochabamba, La Paz, and Tarija departments. Vaccination should be given 10 days before travel and at 10-year intervals if there is on-going risk. Find an authorized U.S. yellow fever vaccination clinic.
  • Anti-Malarial medication: see below:

Malaria risk: Areas of Bolivia with Malaria: All areas <2,500 m (8,202 ft). None in the city of La Paz. Areas of Ecuador with Malaria: All areas at altitudes <1,500 m (<4,921 ft). Not present in the cities of Guayaquil, Quito, and the Galápagos Islands.

Immunizations and prescriptions may be obtained at EMU Health Services by appointment.
Immunizations may also be obtained from your local health department or primary care provider.