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Journal 4

February 12, 2006

"My Birthday in the Middle East"

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I would rather be in no other place but the Middle East for my 21st birthday.  After living here for one month, I'm almost speechless when I try to convey my experinces.  I know God has sent me on this journey for a reason, but I haven't figured it out; and maybe I'm not supposed to.  I've seen things I could stare at in awe forever.  I've seen things that made me cry.  I've seen God ineverything, though sometimes I had to look closely.  I hope to realize God's awesomeness by the end of this journey, or at least get a good start.  I thank my Father for ever day I get to be here and share His love with others.  For this birthday, my wish is for the people of the Middle East to experience God's everlasting love.

Josh Akers