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Journal 4

January 25, 2006

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One concept I have been thinking about is how I am living in two cultures. My second culture here in Guatemala requires far more work than I anticipated. Falling into this culture’s habits has at times been awkward, because I know this is not my normal way of acting and thus I am not at ease. Right now I have a different personality here. I feel very quiet and observational. If someone is not talking to me it is easy to retreat into my daydreams. I love learning about cultures so hopefully all these questions, doubts, and struggles will develop an improved me! My first culture which is where my brain and heart are right now is full of implicit knowledge (street smarts) of my own culture. However, as I am adjusting to my second culture I often forget I even had a life before this. It seems like a long lost dream. Then we come together as a group and I feel like I can let my guard down and with a big sigh act like myself. I don’t feel at all like my first culture is the right one and others are wrong. I am just trying to balance myself and develop into the person I am. I do need to pull myself into my second culture now and improve my Spanish!

Rachel Aeschliman