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Cross-Cultural Program: Ireland and Northern Ireland 2001 -
Group Roster

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Applicants to the Ireland/Northern Ireland Cross-Cultural semester had 20-minute personal interviews with the leaders in fall term 2000.

The leaders have based their decisions on priorities such as the following: class level; sign-up order; academic record; male/female gender balance; commitment and contribution to group life; satisfactory interview; considerations of group dynamics. Our goal was to select students who seem likely to come together as a motivated, balanced, diverse, healthy, successful group.

All students on the list below should discuss plans with their academic advisors before registering for Spring semester classes.

Participants (in alphabetical order), April 24, 2001:

Lorin Bagwell
Ryan Beachy
Jason Blake
Phil Blount
Laurie Branner
Matthew Clemmer
Mandi Dagen
Joel Daley
Emilie Hall
Jonathan Hewes
Heather Horst
Robert Keopangna
Derek King
Holly Miller
Ellen Miller
Sarah Moffett
Adam Nolley
Erica Passmore
Megan Popp
Megan Raborn
Eloy Rodriguez
Drew Roynon
Timothy Shoemaker
W. Clay Showalter
Jessica Walter
Tonya Watson
Melissa Webb
Jason Yoder