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Europe: Reformation Switzerland and Renaissance Italy
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Sept. 4, 2004

After a panic when no bus showed up to take us to the airport on Friday, the rest of the travel was relatively uneventful. We are eager to learn and explore.

"A number of students have gone back to Basel this evening. We were able to get discount group tickets for rail rides and I guess they are really going to experience as much as possible, as soon as possible." - Kim

The accomadations at the Bienenberg Mennonite Bible school in Switzerland are excellent except for the size.

"The students and I are in a newly renovated portion of the conference center. The rooms are very small by American standards but the bedding (feather beds and pillows) and showers are great. The staff put a small piece of chocolate on each pillow, a nice touch. It is good that students get a sense that even in wealthy Switzerland, personal space just is not that important." - Kim

Keep us in your prayers as we navigate this first week of the cross-cultural waters.