STAR Certified Trainer Admission Criteria

STAR certification pathway

Admission Criteria

  • Successful completion of the Practitioner certification
  • STAR Practitioner, education background and experience in STAR required
  • Recommendation of STAR Levels I and II trainers
  • Located in a geographic location that is of strategic interest to STAR
  • Prior training or teaching experience
  • Two recommendations from professional colleagues
  • Passion for promoting STAR in personal and professional areas of influence

Equips participants to:

  • Replicate STAR Level I trainings

Support and benefits from STAR/EMU include:

  • A research-supported curriculum developed over a 12 year period
  • Access to all Level I power points and accompanying talking points
  • Participation in annual updates to STAR I materials and updated materials
  • Provide access to the STAR Learning Community, a Moodle web forum
  • Listing of training events on STAR website
  • Provided with evaluation instruments for collecting data and updates on STAR research findings
  • STAR e-zine to share with your mailing list and e-zine text for use in your newsletters.
  • STAR flyer template for marketing off-campus STAR I trainings and a high-resolution STAR/EMU logo for creating advertisements
  • Ability to participate in a STAR network of creative, like-minded people doing significant work
  • Listed on STAR website as a Level I trainer
  • Referral of local and regional requests for presentations and trainings

Fee for Certified Trainer Status:

  • Certified Trainers enter into a Memo of Understanding with the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding
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