Adaptions and Uses of STAR by Level II Participants

  • Integrating STAR with peace teachings from the Quran—Hisham Kullab, Khan Yunis, Gaza
  • Integrating STAR with the story of Job for Hispanic Christians in New York City, Chile, Colombia, and Mexico—Hugo Monroy
  • Translating materials and leading workshops in Sarajevo, Bosnia—Amela Puljek-Shank
  • Youth STAR, a curriculum brainstormed by STAR II participants (Vesna Hart, Croatia/USA; Marian Subah, Liberia/USA; Helna Stuart, Northern Ireland; and Jane Curtis, USA); and written by Vesna Hart, Hedley Abernathy (Northern Ireland) and Anne Nyambura (Kenya)
  • The Journey Home from War, a training for communities with returning veterans created by Beverly Prestwood-Taylor, PhD