Interested in establishing an endowment?

As John Paul Lederach often says, building true peace among a people who have experienced protracted war takes at least as long as the war has lasted. We must plan for the long haul. You can help CJP ensure continued long-term success by establishing an endowment. Endowments may be set up to provide scholarships, establish a faculty chair, or support the academic program, for example.

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Contact Lindsay Martin to discuss the specifics of establishing or adding to an endowment.

CJP’s Endowments

Allen Grant Stoltzfus Endowed Scholarship
Offers scholarship assistance to individuals working to realize Allen’s vision for a better world with preference given to individuals attending the Summer Peacebuilding Institute.

Alper Family Endowed Scholarship
Provides an annual scholarship award to an African Summer Peacebuilding Institute participant with financial need.

Baer CJP Scholarship
For full-time MA students in the Graduate Program in Conflict Transformation or undergraduate Peacebuilding & Development majors. Priority for students from the Landisville (Pa.) Mennonite Church. Secondary priority are students selected by EMU.

Adam Herr Baer Endowment for CJP
Supports the training of persons to help mediate conflicts around the globe. Income from the endowment may be used for such purposes as faculty compensation, financial assistance to students and program development. The endowment is intended to strengthen the CJP program, as it encourages peacebuilding efforts at all levels of society and in all parts of the world.

Donald L. and Lillian E. Goodwin Endowed Scholarship
Provides one or more annual scholarship awards to a graduate student with financial need who plans to serve in the not-for profit sector, either public or private.

Fairfield CJP Endowment
Funding will provide faculty-release time to widely communicate effective peacebuilding methods, policies and understandings in order to change popular understanding in the Western world, especially in North America.

John E. & Betty J. Kreider Endowed Scholarship for CJP
Scholarships for students enrolled in the graduate peacebuilding program of EMU. In the absence of suitable candidates in the graduate peacebuilding program, this scholarship fund will shift to undergraduate students majoring in peacebuilding & development.

John Paul & Wendy S. Lederach Endowed Scholarship
Students studying in CJP or SPI. Priority given to international students from areas of conflict, then minority students from North America, particularly Native Americans.

Kay Koontz Gillette Endowed Scholarship
For North American CJP students with financial need, who will be applying their peacebuilding skills in a North American context.

Payne Program Endowment for CJP
Supports the base operating budget of the Graduate Program in Conflict Transformation.

Payne Creative Initiatives Endowment
The fund is intended to be used for items not covered by the base operating budget. Such items may be academic or practice initiatives, scholarship funding and/or creative endeavors that support the vision and mission of the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding.

Winston Fellows Program
Supports scholarships to the Summer Peacebuilding Institute.

Zehr Institute Webinars