Accounts Receivable Staff

Ruth Tyson

Accounts Receivable Assistant

(540) 432-4114
Ruth concentrates on undergraduate student accounts. Ruth also works with Tuition Management Systems (TMS) and can help families set up payment plans. Please contact Ruth with any questions about undergraduate charges and payments.

Judy Leaman


(540) 432-4575
Judy processes all payments on student accounts. Please contact Judy with any questions about payments on student accounts.

Brenda Martin

Accounts Receivable Billing Coordinator

(540) 432-4112
Brenda concentrates on all graduate and non-traditional student accounts. Please contact Brenda with any questions about graduate and non-traditional student charges and payments.

Lisa Crist

Student Finance Manager

(540) 432-4116
Lisa oversees Federal Perkins and Nursing loans. Please contact Lisa with any questions about your Perkins or Nursing loans.

Please contact the Financial Assistance Office with any questions about loans, scholarships, grants, and work study at (800) 330-9683 or (540) 432-4137.