Graduate Class of 2010 (16)

Name Location Year
C. Leaman PA C1982, G2010
D. Ehst PA C1998, G2010
R. Miller-Lapp VA C1989, G2010
R. Wilcox VA C2004, G2010
M. Maddox VA C1980, G2010
J. Jha MA C1999, G2010
J. Hackney C2007, G2010
C. Riley VA C1999, G2010
R. Fennimore VA C2001, G2010
R. Rhodes VA C1992, G2010
H. Belay VA C2006, G2010
C. Morris VA C2001, G2010
S. Bergey VA C2003, G2010
D. Kirby VA C2008, G2010
A. Adjetey VA C2007, G2010
L. Saunders VA C2005, G2010

Seminary Class of 2010 (3)

Name Location Year
S. Hernandez VA C2005, S2010
C. Horst PA C2001, S2010
J. Hedrick VA C1995, S2010
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