alumni council

EMU Alumni CouncilPictured above is the 2014-15 EMU alumni council.

other alumni groups

Jubilee Alumni

The EMU Jubilee Alumni are made up of alumni who graduated more than 50 years ago.

Loyal Royals is a group of alumni, parents and friends who support athletics at EMU. Since 1978, Loyal Royals has contributed over $200,000 to EMU sports!

Haverim (hah-vehr-eem) is the alumni group of EMU’s Bible & Religion department, with graduates serving as teachers, pastors, counselors, mission-service workers the world over.

Encore is an alumni network of support for the music department, providing financial assistance to students, support for music department projects, etc.

Alumni Groups and Associations

EMU’s alumni council involves alumni directly in the life of the university. Council members advise and work with the alumni office to develop effective programs that support EMU’s mission and continued development.

Membership in the alumni association is conferred on all graduates and on persons who have completed one year of undergraduate studies or one semester of graduate studies.

Executive Committee of the Alumni Council

  • President : Sarah A. Bixler (C ’02)
  • Vice President : Lenora Bell (C ’79)
  • Secretary : James Rush (C ’64)
  • Jubilee Grads President: Kenton Brubaker (C ’54)
  • Director of Alumni Engagement: Jeff A. Shank (C ’94)

Alumni Council

  • Board of Trustees: Andrew Dula (C ’91)
  • Faculty: Linford Stutzman (C ’84)
  • Encore: Ruel Burkholder (C ’79)
  • Haverim: Rebekah Good Charles (C ’07)
  • Loyal Royals: Gina Campbell Troyer (C ’93)
  • Methodist Seminary Alumni Network: Peggy Packard (S ‘09)

Other Members:

  • Cedric Moore (C ’97)
  • Steve Hunsberger (C ’91)
  • Jewel Harman Shenk (C ’65)
  • Randall Bowman (C ’78)
  • Jodi Beller (C ’07)
  • Todd Lilley (C ’96)
  • Mary Reitz (C ’56)
  • Elizabeth Heavener (C ’07)