EMU Student-Athletes

Playing at the collegiate level is huge. You’ll be balancing the demands of your sport with your academic work. You’ll need self-discipline and persistence. You’ll face failure and success – maybe injuries and pain.

You’ll gain stuff that will shape your life. Relationships mainly. From intense teamwork. From taking responsibility, while accepting the leadership and expertise of others. From picking up yourself and others after mistakes and losses.

Here is the EMU difference: We take a long-term view, and focus on your well-being. Athletes will be players in their families, communities and work settings far longer than they will be players in competitive sports. Our key concern is who our student-athletes will be when they are 25, 35, 45, and onward.

Develop leadership and life skills

Hannah Chappell-Dick
“Your world is not just your sport. I purposely chose a school that would develop all parts of me as a person.”
Hannah Chappell-Dick ’16, NCAA’s 2016 Women of the Year
biology and exercise science major

How will your experience as a student-athlete define your future roles in the community, workplace, and church?

You need to develop leadership and life skills that will see you through adulthood. In short, we want you, the athlete, to be successful, not just the EMU athletics program. Athletics should enhance your college education by being a positive impact on your understanding of self, others and God.

At EMU, coaches are mentors, who pray with you, help guide you in your college career, and who become trusted friends. EMU’s “star” athletes are helped to grasp that their gifts do not make them better or more important humans than others. They need their team members and they need to appreciate what they can learn from others – in the classroom, on a cross-cultural venture, in an art gallery, or in a soup kitchen.

Know that you come first

Men's Volleyball
“Unselfish players who are friends on and off the court have come together to creating a winning culture”
Ross Madden, interim head coach
EMU’s nationally ranked Men’s Volleyball team

At larger colleges the emphasis is typically not on individual student-athletes, but on the team as a whole having a great record, which enhances the school’s reputation and income. But the spiritual, emotional, physical and academic well-being of each athlete is then secondary to the goal of racking up wins. At EMU, the long-term well-being of each student-athlete comes first. Our caring community will celebrate your victories with you.

Not that winning is unimportant.

The EMU athletics program has a winning record, and teams regularly compete in ODAC championships and beyond. But these achievements are a byproduct of working hard, smart and together, while all concerned – players, coaches and teachers – were also working at staying balanced and whole, in the Christian sense, as compassionate human beings.

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