Application Process for Transfer Nursing Students

Application deadlines for nursing transfers

  • February 15 for fall semester
  • June 15 for spring semester

Decisions are made within 45 days of application due date.

Requirements and pre-requisites for nursing transfers

To be considered for our nursing program, you need a 2.8 GPA, all nursing pre-requisites passed with a C or above and only one nursing pre-req can be repeated.

You must first be admitted to the university before the nursing department will consider your application. For students whose first language is not English, we will need a TOEFL score. Check out our admissions checklist that details TOEFL information.

More info on the nursing program and application process is available within the nursing website.

Seeking a second degree in nursing?

Here is more info for students seeking nursing as a second degree.

LPN to RN program

If you’re an LPN, we assume your prior learning and work experience is pertinent to the curriculum, but you need additional learning to earn your RN.

Are you transferring from a community college?

Are you transferring from a residential college or university?

Have you earned a four-year degree or higher?