Application of Research
A capstone project for management majors in which students research, identify, and recommend or implement a solution to a problem, usually related to the workplace. The project allows students to demonstrate and apply management and organizational development theories, concepts, principles, and skills developed in the program.
Assessment Counselor
The assessment counselor helps identify potential prior learning for current college credit from your life experiences and professional background. Works with students through the completion of the program, assessing professional schools and training documentation, instructing the writing of life-learning papers, and keeping track of credits completed and needed.
Major Professor
The management professor who instructs and facilitates learning throughout the course work and serves as a faculty adviser for the project thesis.
Nursing Adviser
The professor who instructs and facilitates learning throughout the RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing program and serves as faculty adviser for the Applied Research Project.
A chronicle of your accomplishments at the point of entry and throughout your progression through the program. This notebook holds documentation on professional experience, educational background and life-learning papers that may be submitted for credit.
Program Representative
A staff member who provides information about the program, the enrollment process and financial aid options through the information meeting with interested persons. Serves as an advocate for potential students to the admissions committee.