Frequently Asked Questions

What is a cohort group?

A cohort group is a group of 18 to 25 adult students who complete the Adult Degree Completion Program curriculum as a unit. Students enjoy the collaborative learning that takes place with the cohort group. They also enjoy the lasting relationships that develop.

How is it possible to complete my degree so quickly?

The Adult Degree Completion Program builds on the college-level work you have already completed. Students need a minimum of 60 semester hours to begin the program. Thirty-eight semester hours will be earned through the MOD curriculum and 43 semester hours will be earned through the Nursing curriculum. To graduate from Eastern Mennonite University in the Adult Degree Completion Program, you must earn 124 semester hours. The additional semester hours may be generated by taking additional courses or by documenting college-level learning in a portfolio. Portfolio credit must be earned while students are enrolled in the MOD or Nursing curriculum. Additional courses may be taken at EMU or other institutions (with prior approval) before students begin the curriculum, while enrolled, or after they complete the curriculum. An Assessment Counselor works with students to assist them with their individualized academic plan. This one-on-one academic advising is one of the reasons EMU has been so successful with graduation rates.

If I haven’t taken a college class in years, can I be successful in this program?

Yes! The Adult Degree Completion Program is designed for adult learners. Classes are discussion-oriented, drawing from your practical work experience. It is a writing intensive curriculum; students write papers applying what they have learned. They are not required to memorize information for examinations. As students progress through the program, their writing continues to show marked improvement.

Are all the students Mennonites?

No. Very few of the students enrolled in the Adult Degree Completion Program are Mennonites. The program was designed to be an outreach from the University to the community. Students come from a wide variety of religious heritages and backgrounds. Since EMU is a Christian liberal arts college, students are required to take religion courses. Two such courses, “Biblical Perspectives” and “Issues and Values,” are included in the MOD and Nursing curricula. More information about Mennonites is available at Third Way Cafe.

Are career services available to students in the Adult Degree Completion Program?

Yes! The services provided by the Office of Career Services are provided for all EMU students. Students can receive help with resume and cover letter writing as well as learning interviewing skills.

What qualifications do I need to be admitted to the Adult Degree Completion Program?

Prospective students need a minimum of 60 semester hours (MOD) or hold a current RN license (RN to BS) to be admitted to the program. They must also have a grade point average of at least a 2.0. Because the classes are discussion- oriented, students are encouraged to be at least 25 years of age and have work experience or significant volunteer experience. Exceptions can be made for the age requirement. The work environment also provides a place in which students can practice what they are learning in the classroom. Because the curriculum is writing- intensive, successful completion of a writing sample is required of all applicants. EMU does not have a selective admissions policy for the Adult Degree Completion Program. We do, however, have a rolling admissions policy which means that the first 18-25 qualified applicants for a particular cohort group will comprise that group.

Currently, four cohort groups are beginning either the MOD (February and September) or Nursing (April and November) curricula each academic year.

What is the cost of the Adult Degree Completion Program?

The cost for the Adult Degree Completion Program may vary each year (July 1 to July 30). Current tuition for MOD program is approximately $16,000. Students in the RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing Completion Program will pay closer to $17,000. This cost includes 38 (MOD) or 43 (Nursing) semester hours of credit, all textbooks, additional materials, and fees (application and graduation). If students request credit through the portfolio, they pay an additional $50 per semester hour of petitioned credit. If students petition for 10 or more semester hours, the cost is a reduced flat rate.

Is there financial aid to help with the costs?

Yes! There are several types of financial aid available. Students may apply for the federal Pell Grant and Direct Student Loans from the government. Applications for federal financial assistance are available in the Adult Degree Completion Program office.

ADCP also has some scholarship funds available in the form of matching grants and need-based aid. Frequently Asked Questions.