2014-15 Events

Your 2014-15 ACRS program planning committee anticipates another year of programs that will continue to stimulate and inform. Our goal is to present:

  • A series of stories on pivotal experiences which altered directions or generated significant change in the Mennonite Church.
  • Each story is told from the perspective of an individual whose vision and creativity provide a context for reflection.

When and where

ACRS breakfast gatherings occur the second Monday of each month from 7:30 – 9 a.m. in the West Dining Room, Northlawn, EMU. Here are the dates for the 2014-15 academic year:

September 8 – speaker, Lisa Schirch

“Navigating the Path to Peace in the Pentagon”

Can an institution created to wage war play any role in peace? What are the dangers and dilemmas? Lisa will trace the evolution in the field of peacebuilding, from small-scale efforts by MCC to what is now a global movement, an industry.

Schirch will describe new initiatives and trends at the Pentagon to support training for the military in how to engage with civilians and will lay out her vision for the role of the military in supporting peacebuilding.

Lisa Schirch is director of Human Security at the Alliance for Peacebuilding. Schirch connects policymakers with global civil society networks, facilitates civil-military dialogue and provides a conflict prevention and peacebuilding lens on current policy issues. Schirch is also a Research Professor at the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University, and a US liaison at the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict.

Looking Ahead:

October 13 – speaker, Ann Graber Hershberger

“Can MCC Really Be a ‘Partnership’?”

Ann Graber Hershberger, Chair of the US MCC Board, will address the “Goals for the new structure which include:

  • healthier relationships between MCC in Canada and MCC in the U.S.,
  • clearer lines of accountability within the MCC system,
  • and stronger connections with the Church.

Ann Graber Hershberger has worked in family health, community health, international health, and nursing education since 1976. Ann and her husband Jim, have spent 10 years in church sponsored service in Central America. She has been a consultant for a Nursing School in Nicaragua, and has been on the board of MCC (Mennonite Central Committee) since 1997, and is currently the chair of MCC U.S.

November 10 – Speakers, Becca Jo Longenecker & Becca Martin, EMU SGA Co-Presidents

December 8 – Speaker, Vernon Jantzi

January 12 – Speaker, Evan Knappenberger,

“Twistifyin’ and Testifyin’: Newfangled Mennonite Conflict”

February 9 -

March 9 – Speaker, Nancy Heisey

April 13 -

Check the web calendar for more info on speakers and ACRS events.

About the planning committee

2014-15 ACRS program planning committee members are Margaret Foth, Vernon Jantzi and Terry Burkhalter. Suggestions are always welcome and if you are aware of persons who should be invited and included on the ACRS email list, please forward that information to: burkhalt@emu.edu