2013-14 Events

Your 2013-14 ACRS program planning committee anticipates another year of programs that will continue to stimulate and inform. Our goal is to present:

  • A series of stories on pivotal experiences which altered directions or generated significant change in the Mennonite Church.
  • Each story is told from the perspective of an individual whose vision and creativity provide a context for reflection.

When and where

ACRS breakfast gatherings occur the second Monday of each month from 7:30 – 9 a.m. in the West Dining Room, Northlawn, EMU. Here are the dates for the 2013-14 academic year:

  • October 14 – speaker, Harold Miller
  • November 11 – speaker, Harold Lehman
  • December 9 – speaker, C Norman Kraus
  • January 13 – speakers, Carolyn Yoder and Elaine Zook-Barge
  • February 10 – Burton Buller
  • March 11 – Daryl Byler (Note that the 11th is a Tuesday, not our usual Monday)
  • April 14 – Howard Zehr & Lorraine Stutzman Amstutz

Check the web calendar for more info on speakers and ACRS events

About the planning committee

2013-’14 ACRS program planning committee members are Margaret Foth, Vernon Jantzi and Terry Burkhalter.