2015-16 Events

Your 2015-16 ACRS program planning committee anticipates another year of programs that will continue to stimulate and inform. Our goal is to present:

  • A series of stories on pivotal experiences which altered directions or generated significant change in the Mennonite Church.
  • Each story is told from the perspective of an individual whose vision and creativity provide a context for reflection.

When and where

ACRS breakfast regular gatherings occur the second Monday of each month from 7:30 – 9:00 a.m. in the West Dining Room, Northlawn, EMU. Below are the upcoming dates for the 2015-16 academic year:

2015 – 2016 Fall, Winter and Spring Schedule

Do Anabaptist leaders lead with Anabaptist values?Dr Jim Smucker

  • January 11, 2016 – Carl Stauffer & Kurt Boshart will use the opportunity to present the restorative justice program of Harrisonburg Police Department.
  • February 8, 2016 – Harvey Yoder and Vernon Jantzi, What drives Mennonite separations/formations?
  • March 14, 2016 – Janice M. Jenner, Women’s peacebuilding leadership program for Africa and South Pacific
  • April 11, 2016 – Kevin King, Director of Mennonite Disaster Service
  • May 9, 2016 – Annual Meeting TBA (Dave Myers, Dept. Homeland Security/FEMA)

Past Events in 2015-2016 you may have missed

  • November 9, 2015, Round Table Speakers: Dr Shirley Showalter, Past President, Goshen College; Dr Lee Snyder, Past President, Bluffton University & former Dean at EMU; & Dr Loren Swartzendruber, Current EMU President:, They will reflect from their current and recent visions on the theme, “The Future in Higher Education

Shirley Showalter Lee Snyder LeeSnyder

Loren Swartzendruber Loren Swartzendruber

  • October 12, 2015, Speaker Dr Ken J. Nafziger, Professor of Music:
    Ken looked at how our hymns influence and reflect our changing theology. Ken J Nafziger
  • September 14, 2015, Speaker Dr. Ervie Glick, Professor Emeritus of German & English:

Ervie titled his talk: PAX Romana i Anabaptista: Friede auf Erden
Ervie reflected on his own pivotal experiences in PAX, a program which altered directions and/or generated significant change in the Mennonite Church. Dr. Ervie Glick’s interest in German blossomed during his Post-War Service in Europe with the PAX Program of Mennonite Central Committee. Ervie talked about growing up in North Dakota, the influences of his family, his education, serving in PAX, and how his life was deeply influenced by church, family, travel, language, education and the many persons who touch his life.

About the monthly breakfast planning committee

2015-16 ACRS program planning committee members are Margaret Foth, Vernon Jantzi and Terry Burkhalter. As we look toward the fall and winter programs (2015-2016), suggestions are always welcome and if you are aware of persons who should be invited and included on the ACRS email list, please forward that information to: burkhalt@emu.edu