All writers, including good ones, can benefit from talking with someone and from getting individual feedback on their papers and answers to their particular questions. Most students who seek tutoring within the writing program report that seeing a tutor raises the quality of their work and that they feel more confident about their writing after talking with a tutor.

Take advantage of free individual tutoring from our writing program tutors, strong writers from a variety of majors who are specifically trained to hold scheduled one-on-one sessions with students. The writing program operates out of the Academic Support Center on the library’s third floor (see campus map).

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How can I be my own best editor?

How can I know the difference between a draft and a polished essay?

How will my paper be graded?

What will writing tutors do for me?

How do I connect with a tutor?

I want to see a tutor. What do I do next?

What happens when I come for tutoring?

What happens if I cheat on a paper?

What if English is not my native language?

How do I know which Writing Intensive (WI) courses are offered each year?
(p.27 of the undergraduate catalog)

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