Community Lifestyle Commitment

All students, faculty and staff

Expectations and Responsibilities for Community Life at Eastern Mennonite University


Eastern Mennonite University is a Christian community in the Anabaptist/Mennonite tradition joined together for the purpose of academic study, personal development and spiritual growth. We are committed to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and believe that the scriptures establish the basic principles that should guide our life together. These principles include the responsibility to love God with all our being, love our neighbors as ourselves, seek after righteousness, practice justice, help those in need, forgive others, seek forgiveness and exercise freedom responsibly with loving regard for others.

We acknowledge that it is impossible to create a community with expectations that are totally acceptable to every member. Nevertheless, clearly stated expectations promote orderly community life. Because of the importance of trust in and responsibility to one another, violations of these standards are regarded as a serious breach of integrity within the community.


As a member of the EMU community, I will strive to practice stewardship of mind, time, abilities and finances. I will pursue opportunities for intellectual and spiritual growth and demonstrate care for my body. I also will exercise social responsibility in my standard of living and use of economic resources. Realizing the destructive character of an unforgiving spirit and harmful discrimination based on prejudice, I will seek to demonstrate unselfish love in my actions, attitudes and relationships. I will be honest and show respect for the rights and property of others.

I recognize that some social practices are harmful to me, as well as harmful or offensive to others. Therefore, respecting the values of others and the mission of Eastern Mennonite University, I recognize my responsibility as a member of the community to refrain from sexual relationships outside of marriage, sexual harassment and abuse, pornography, acts of violence, abusive or demeaning language and the use of illegal drugs. Recognizing that EMU supports nonuse of alcohol and tobacco, I will respect and abide by the university policy that prohibits the use of alcohol and tobacco on campus or at university functions and the misuse of alcohol off campus.

I pledge myself to carry out this commitment in a spirit of openness and helpfulness through mutual accountability motivated by love.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees
March 23, 2001